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Tips for using gas bottles safely

illustratie bij blogtekst Veilig met gasflessen

We have always known that gas bottles are dangerous. Unfortunately, they sometimes lead to serious or even fatal accidents. This became apparent once again last spring when a bottle exploded with tremendous force in Deerlijk, Belgium, resulting in one death and one serious injury. But no matter how risky they are, gas bottles are indispensable in the hospitality industry. So we would like to give you some tips. To minimize the risks as far as possible. Let’s start with the…

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90 years Symo

personeel viert dat Symo 90 jaar is

On Friday 9 December 2022, we celebrated our 90th anniversary. We invited not only current but also all former employees and the vast majority came to celebrate with us. Time to look back at Symo’s long history. Leopold Van Sieleghem, born in 1833, was already skimming the markets with a wheelbarrow as an umbrella vendor. In 1932, son Theo and his sister Rachel started a company producing umbrellas in Oostkamp. Three years later, they moved their activity to Bruges. During…

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Boosting profits with a winter terrace

Couple cozy under blankets on a winter terrace

A well-run terrace can make a major contribution to the profits of a cafe or hotel. Shorter daylight hours and falling temperatures are no reason to panic. With care and thought it’s perfectly possible to extend the terrace season. Put in the effort and you’ll see your terrace performing well right through the winter. And the smokers will be grateful for a cosy spot where smoking is still allowed. Around one in four people around the world are daily smokers(1).…

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Buy parasols for the hospitality industry: free tips for sturdy parasols that last for years

Buy catering parasols - example from the Grand Place in Bergen

What do you learn in this blog article? • Warning: there are 2 types of parasols • How to choose the right parasol for your business • How to earn more with your parasols • Why do parasols give more profit than other investments in your terrace? • How do you determine the right size? • Stormproof and windproof: request wind guarantee on paper 1. Discover the super parasol that gives wings to your catering terrace There are 2 types…

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33% LESS LAUNDRY in your hotel? That’s the way to do it

Marriott card to promote reuse of towel

As an hotelier, you might recognise this: if all the towels are lying on the floor, they all get washed. If not all the towels are on the floor, some may be neatly hanging on the rail or may even not have been used … then you’re not sure. And you’re not the only one. An increasing number of hoteliers are scratching their heads with regard to an environmentally-friendly policy. And in the meantime, hotel guests no longer expect all…

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22 tips from a parasol expert for an exxxxxtra long life of your parasol

Bidon, Ghent - Classico

A professional Symo Parasol is always a good investment. Your terrace will look much more attractive so more people will choose your terrace. This way, your turnover will increase and the parasols will pay for themselves. Of course, the longer you can do that, the bigger your profit will be. And the good news is: Symo parasols last a long time. Do you take good care of your parasols? Then they’ll last for decades. Season after season you’re set to…

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9 hospitality lessons from the lockdowns

terrrace with MacSymo and Quattro parasols and heating

Restrictions, rules. It’s that time again. We are now talking about a semi-lockdown in Belgium. Fortunately, you’ve been through this before. You now know that this painful situation is temporary. As soon as the hospitals are under less pressure you will be able to work normally again. How do you handle this? We learned this from the previous lockdowns: Take Action If you don’t throw in the towel, you’ll beat this period faster: stay in touch with your customers, spoil…

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Let’s be smarter next time

We seem to be past the worst of Corona. Ordinary life is beckoning. And if everything goes well, we might even be able to bin the face masks soon. This is the ideal time to weigh up the favourable and less favourable effects of the many measures that we have all tried to respect. Time for a post-mortem! Did the measures effectively lead to fewer deaths? What was the impact of total closures, limiting capacity and adapted opening hours? These…

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If you only make one investment this year, be sure to choose your terrace!

Terrace with big MacSymo Parasols

At last! After long months of waiting, the time has come: you can finally open your business again. Your customers will soon be back. You can enjoy that wonderful bustle in your business again. After the first lockdown: busy, busy, busy You may have noticed it in June when the catering industry was allowed to open again: people flocked to the catering terraces to socialize, dine and glow in the sun. Now it will be like that again. Everyone longs…

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92% of catering businesses with an outdoor terrace expect to survive Corona!

Tafelrond, Leuven - MacSymo Parasol

The hospitality industry has been hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, 92% of the businesses with an outdoor terrace expect to survive the crisis. Striking figures that we obtained from our market research among businesses in Belgium and France. What’s in this article? Market research questions how the catering industry experiences COVID-19 Looking to the future with hope Businesses with outdoor terraces do noticeably better First call to government: help the hospitality industry, allow more terraces Hospitality industry still…

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How smart hotels increase turnover by responding to co-working

Coworking in een hotel

Is this way of working for hotels what take-away means for restaurants? Never before has the hospitality industry had to endure such a hard time. No management book offers solutions for this. But as entrepreneurs, we cannot just stand by. We have to move forward. As a parasol coach, I come to very different places and see how hotel owners see and create opportunities. They achieve extra turnover where others see no way forward. I would like to provide you…

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A warm word from our manager, Pierre Christiaens

Pierre Christiaens

A warm and heartfelt THANK YOU for your loyalty, also during this difficult year. Looking back at the film ‘2020’ I see a real thriller. With a lot of dramatic tension, a surprising and unexpected story and a lot of uncertain plot twists. But also many beautiful scenes of warm love and being together (in small circles). The trailer for the new film ‘2021’ looks different after all. The liberating vaccine that should dispel the nightmare of ‘2020’ is ready.…

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26 times more (!) corona infections at home than in the hospitality industry

Waiter with face mask

March 14, 2020. Lock down in Belgium: stay in your room, the hospitality industry will be locked down for 12 weeks. August 18, 2020. The Netherlands reports 26 times more infections at home than in the hospitality industry. Now Prime Minister Rutte advises the opposite: ‘No parties or drinks at home, rather go to a catering establishment’. 14/03/2020: Catering is locked up, stay in your room 18/08/2020: Home party no, go to a pub Of course this is good for…

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How to find the best floating or hanging parasol?

Sonata floating parasol: all the space under the floating roof remains free

What do you see in this article? What is the difference between a cantilever parasol, a hanging parasol or a wall parasol? What are the sizes and shapes? Is there a wind guarantee? Which bases can you choose? Can my cantilever parasol be equipped with wheels? Does it come with a parasol cover? What is a cantilever parasol, a hanging parasol or a wall parasol? If you search the Internet, you will find different words for the same or almost…

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The 15 best hospitality solutions to work profitably in times of corona

Good news: soon you will be able to receive guests in your business again. When can you open again? If the figures continue to develop well, probably on June 8th. That will give you a few more weeks to prepare thoroughly. Because believe me: → your business is going to be all right again! In my previous article, we explored the three phases of this catering corona crisis: The door locked (during the lock down) The door ajar (working with…

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16 simple actions you can do NOW for your hospitality business

Really. Your business is going to be all right. Pierre Christiaens is my name. Symo Parasols is my company. I have 2 passions: parasols and marketing. Since the hospitality industry is now closed, we don’t sell many umbrellas. My business is in the same boat as yours. The last few weeks I heard a lot of worried entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry. That’s why I  like to put my great passion for marketing at your service. Now more than ever…

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