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Winter Service

Pierre Christiaens | Biography
Parasols before and after cleaning during Symo Winterservice

You’ve invested in high-quality parasols because of the returns they bring, now you want to keep them in top condition. If you bring them indoors during the winter, you’ll need space to store them safely.

Space you would probably prefer to use to serve your customers.

Sound familiar? Then the Symo Winter Service may be what you’re looking for. No storage headaches for you, and when spring comes your terrace will look sparkling new.

What’s included in the Symo Winter Service:

  • We collect your parasols at the end of the terrace season.
  • Parasols are cleaned, checked over and repaired in our workshops, then stored safely away.
  • And at the start of the new season, we bring the parasols back and put them in place.

So your business continues to maximise profits and you can start the new season with fresh-looking parasols.

If you’re interested in our Winter Service, then do not hesitate to contact us on 32 50 32 07 95 or use the contact form.

Pierre Christiaens
Contact me: christiaens @ symoparasols.com https://symoparasols.com