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Boosting profits with a winter terrace

Couple cozy under blankets on a winter terrace

A well-run terrace can make a major contribution to the profits of a cafe or hotel. Shorter daylight hours and falling temperatures are no reason to panic. With care and thought it’s perfectly possible to extend the terrace season. Put in the effort and you’ll see your terrace performing well right through the winter. And the smokers will be grateful for a cosy spot where smoking is still allowed. Around one in four people around the world are daily smokers(1).…

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Buy parasols for the hospitality industry: free tips for sturdy parasols that last for years

Buy catering parasols - example from the Grand Place in Bergen

What do you learn in this blog article? • Warning: there are 2 types of parasols • How to choose the right parasol for your business • How to earn more with your parasols • Why do parasols give more profit than other investments in your terrace? • How do you determine the right size? • Stormproof and windproof: request wind guarantee on paper 1. Discover the super parasol that gives wings to your catering terrace There are 2 types…

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How smart hotels increase turnover by responding to co-working

Coworking in een hotel

Is this way of working for hotels what take-away means for restaurants? Never before has the hospitality industry had to endure such a hard time. No management book offers solutions for this. But as entrepreneurs, we cannot just stand by. We have to move forward. As a parasol coach, I come to very different places and see how hotel owners see and create opportunities. They achieve extra turnover where others see no way forward. I would like to provide you…

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26 times more (!) corona infections at home than in the hospitality industry

Waiter with face mask

March 14, 2020. Lock down in Belgium: stay in your room, the hospitality industry will be locked down for 12 weeks. August 18, 2020. The Netherlands reports 26 times more infections at home than in the hospitality industry. Now Prime Minister Rutte advises the opposite: ‘No parties or drinks at home, rather go to a catering establishment’. 14/03/2020: Catering is locked up, stay in your room 18/08/2020: Home party no, go to a pub Of course this is good for…

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The 15 best hospitality solutions to work profitably in times of corona

Good news: soon you will be able to receive guests in your business again. When can you open again? If the figures continue to develop well, probably on June 8th. That will give you a few more weeks to prepare thoroughly. Because believe me: → your business is going to be all right again! In my previous article, we explored the three phases of this catering corona crisis: The door locked (during the lock down) The door ajar (working with…

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16 simple actions you can do NOW for your hospitality business

Really. Your business is going to be all right. Pierre Christiaens is my name. Symo Parasols is my company. I have 2 passions: parasols and marketing. Since the hospitality industry is now closed, we don’t sell many umbrellas. My business is in the same boat as yours. The last few weeks I heard a lot of worried entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry. That’s why I  like to put my great passion for marketing at your service. Now more than ever…

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Improve your profit margins with menu engineering

Ever heard of Menu Engineering? Everyone involved in professional catering knows that some dishes generate a good margin while others bring in almost nothing. Whether it’s a sandwich bar or a five-star restaurant, some dishes are always more popular than others. So what if you had a tool allowing you to analyse your menu and improve your profit margins and sales figures? Improve your profit margins with the Menu Engineering tool from Kitchen Cut How does Menu Engineering work? You…

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Start the season in style

a dirty parasol next to a cleaned parasol

The terrace of a café, hotel or restaurant is the first thing passers-by will notice, it’s the showpiece. So the old saying really applies to your terrace: you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Just think how it makes you feel if you wander past an untidy terrace with dirty, worn-out parasols. If the terrace looks uncared-for, that doesn’t inspire confidence in the rest of the business. People will be quick to decide that what comes…

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Is your terrace ready for the winter?

Beginning of the winter season

Winter is here, the days are shorter, the sun is low in the sky and temperatures are falling. But that doesn’t mean you have to close down your terrace for months on end. People still enjoy a cup of coffee outside during the winter. But of course they have to be comfortable. While many terraces will be closed down, clever businesses manage to bring in substantial profits during this period by setting up a carefully thought out winter terrace where…

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How much do parasols bring in?

Yield parasols - well performing terrace

While many catering businesses invest primarily in their terrace furniture, it is, in fact, the parasols that bring in extra revenue for your terrace. Nice tables and chairs are important for the comfort of your customers, but it isn’t the tables that allow them to sit comfortably on the terrace in the blazing sunshine, and the chairs won’t keep them dry if it rains. So you should select high-quality parasols from the world go. The initial cost may be higher,…

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Winter Service

Parasols before and after cleaning during Symo Winterservice

You’ve invested in high-quality parasols because of the returns they bring, now you want to keep them in top condition. If you bring them indoors during the winter, you’ll need space to store them safely. Space you would probably prefer to use to serve your customers. Sound familiar? Then the Symo Winter Service may be what you’re looking for. No storage headaches for you, and when spring comes your terrace will look sparkling new. What’s included in the Symo Winter…

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Beat the pop-up bars at their own game

Cocktails on Pop-up summer bar

The emergence of the pop-up bar Pop-up winter and summer bars are everywhere now, appearing suddenly in our cities and disappearing just as quickly when the season is over. Their temporary nature makes them particularly attractive to customers, who are always looking for novelty. An interesting test environment Pop-ups can also provide an ideal test environment for catering businesses: you can try out a new idea in a separate location, choose a theme to suit the temporary site or experiment…

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Symo terrace heaters for the catering industry

Symo terrasverwarmer staand

Why do you need to heat your restaurant or café terrace? Nowadays, people are always keen to sit outside, whenever possible. Even on cold days during autumn and winter. Smokers also need to sit outside all year round. So make sure you give your customers a warm and cosy terrace: it’s what they expect from you. Electric heating on your terrace is cheaper and better Gas in bottles costs twice as much as electricity An 1,800 Watt heater uses less…

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Experience shade in a unique way with the Shadylace designed by Chris Kabel

Unieke schaduwervaring onder de Shadylace parasol

Lounging under a tree on a sunny day and enjoying its shade is bliss. That feeling is what Chris Kabel based this classic amongst design parasols on. The Shadylace was born and was one of the first designs to have a permanent place in the Sywawa Sunbelievable Design Parasols collection. The cover is designed with a leaf structure, with beautifully shaped branches, twigs and leaves. In this way, the sun bathes you in leafy shade as if you were sitting…

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Bamboo Beach Blankenberge

Bamboo Beach Blankenberge springt creatief om met de Frou Frou parasol

Bamboo Beach in Blankenberge shows us how creative you can be placing our Frou Frou Parasols! We wish them a great season and many satisfied customers sipping cocktails in the shade of one of our fantastic Frou Frou Beach Parasols! Check-out some pictures of our Frou Frou Parasols on Bamboo Beach.

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100 Quattro Parasols

100 Quattro parasols voor de grote markt in Sint Truiden

100 Quattro Parasols for the Grand Place in Sint-Truiden! The municipality of the belgian city of Sint Truiden recently redesigned its central market square. Symo parasols was given the honor of supplying the sunshades. No need to say that we are proud of this wonderful project. Our Quattro parasols helped creating a uniform and classy look at the market of this beautiful city. Click here for more pictures of the Grote Markt showing the Parasols.

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