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22 tips from a parasol expert for an exxxxxtra long life of your parasol

Pierre Christiaens | Biography
Bidon, Ghent - Classico

A professional Symo Parasol is always a good investment. Your terrace will look much more attractive so more people will choose your terrace. This way, your turnover will increase and the parasols will pay for themselves.

Of course, the longer you can do that, the bigger your profit will be. And the good news is: Symo parasols last a long time.

Do you take good care of your parasols? Then they’ll last for decades. Season after season you’re set to have a great terrace and offer your guests a nice experience.

To help you enjoy your parasols for a very looong time, our parasol expert has put together 22 tips for you.

Follow them carefully and make a long life … an exxxxxtra long one:

Installing the parasol

  1. Read and follow the installation instructions supplied with your parasol.
  2. Only place your parasol on a solid surface.
  3. Always place your parasol level (parasol roof level).
  4. Use an appropriate recommended Symo parasol base for Symo Parasols.
  5. A parasol should not touch any objects, both when open or closed (this might cause damage).

Operating the parasol

  1. Please read the manual that comes with your parasol thoroughly to ensure you operate your parasol correctly.

Closing the parasol

  1. Always remove the fabric from between the ribs by gently pulling out each panel until there is no more fabric between the ribs.
  2. Then fold the fabric around the parasol (like an umbrella).
  3. Afterwards, always use the original closing ribbon (fabric that flaps and flies in the wind will eventually tear apart).
  4. Tighten the closing ribbon without pinching the fabric too hard.
  5. Always place the closing ribbon under the protective cover around the fabric, never over the protective cover (may cause damage).
  6. Always use your protective cover to avoid soiling and damaging the cloth. Most parasols are more closed than open. When using your cover, you will protect your parasol from the weather and dirt (birds, trees…)
  7. Switch off heating and lighting and let cool down for 15 minutes before closing the parasol (avoid fire damage to the parasol).
Outdoor terrace KuPP in London, with Quattro parasols

Beware of wind: wind = danger!

  1. Never leave a parasol open unattended.
  2. Never leave a parasol half open. This is dangerous.
  3. Your parasol can best resist the force of the wind when it is open and stretched, or when it is completely closed with the closing ribbon correctly attached (see tips 9 – 12).
  4. Close your parasol immediately in case of strong wind (act like a good family man: close your parasol at the slightest doubt).
  5. Install the App Windfinder on your smartphone and set up a storm alarm for the location of your parasol. By doing so, you will always receive an alert in case of fierce winds.
  1. In case of stormy weather, remove the parasols from the base in advance and store the parasols safely inside (or outside horizontally on the ground).


  1. Maintenance is important. Clean your parasol immediately when it gets dirty. This will prevent the dirt from being absorbed. Be sure to clean your parasol after each season. See our maintenance instructions.
  2. We also offer professional winter storage with cleaning and repair. Please ask.

Keep your warranty

  1. Warranty only applies when using original Symo parts, including using the ribbon and protective cover.

Would you like to have these tips on a neat pdf for yourself or to be able to inform your staff properly?

Pierre Christiaens
Contact me: christiaens @ symoparasols.com https://symoparasols.com