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CORONA SAFE SAIL © double your capacity

CORONA SAFE SAIL ©: double the number of chairs under your parasols, respecting the covid rules.

Good news ! Soon you can receive guests again !

→ Your business is going to be fine !

What a wonderful feeling: finally you can get back to work. The coronavirus is not gone yet, but it is now under control. That's why you can open your business again. With respect for some important covid-19 rules to protect our health.
These measures are important, but they do limit your capacity: you are allowed fewer seats than usual. Because you have to keep a distance of 1.5m between 2 guests at different tables (these are the Belgian rules).


What does that mean? You can see that in the sketches below. Under a parasol of 3x3 meter, you can barely place 8 people. Under a jumbo parasol of 4x4 meters only 16 chairs. And under a giant parasol of 5x5 meters maximum 25 guests.


You have much less capacity under a parasol with the distance between tables and chairs.

Double your capacity, respecting the rules: CORONA SAFE SAILS ©.

The Corona Safe Sail © complies with the Belgian corona protocol for the catering industry: it separates the tables and is at least 180 cm high. This is required according to the latest corona virus update in Belgium.


Below you can see how many chairs you can put under your parasols without and with these corona proof sails.


Corona Safe Sail (c): double your capacity!
Parasol size in metersNumber of chairs with 1,5m distanceNumber of chairs with Corona Safe Sail ©So many more chairs under 1 parasol
3,0 x 3,816+8200%
3,5 x 3,5816+8200%
4,0 x 4,01624+8150%
4,5 x 4,52032+12160%
5,0 x 5,02040+20200%

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And still hamper the corona virus?

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