Trevo Parasol T2 – 6 x 3m

The double hospitality parasol Trevo T2 – 6 x 3m

  • The Trevo leaves the space below the parasol completely free. No need to disturb guests or their tables and chairs since there is no central pole or parasol base to get in the way.
  • The double hospitality parasol Trevo T2 6 x 3m provides shade or a watertight roof for at least 18 seats, under a single parasol (1 seat per m2).
  • A very large shaded area of 18m2 with one installation of two parasols attached to one pole.
  • The two parasols on one pole create a conveniently controllable shade. This is the advantage of the double hospitality parasol. It helps you create protection and shade exactly where you want it.
  • Stable in the wind. This is in contrast to the majority of our competitors’ suspended parasols, which are inclined to swing dangerously back and forth in the lightest breeze.
  • Easy to operate, 100% user-friendly.
  • Some customers point out to us that not everyone finds it easy to open and close parasols on their own. With the Trevo, this is no longer an issue as they open and close easily and effortlessly, thanks to the powerful gas spring assistance (like the boot of a car).
  • Very convenient for terraces in the hospitality industry: the parasols open and close perfectly above a set table. No more hassle with having to move the plates, glasses or bottles. You’ll no longer need to disturb guests on your hospitality terrace in order to open or close the parasol. All the tables and chairs can simply stay where they are while you are operating the parasol. In short, the ideal parasol for the hospitality industry!
  • Choose the parasol with the right shape to provide optimal cover for your terrace. Square or rectangular.
  • 10-year guarantee against discolouration of the fabric. Even in the blazing desert sun around Dubai. Nobody offers a longer guarantee than Symo Parasols.
  • Protects against both sun and rain.
  • Wind guarantee up to 5 Beaufort.
  • 110 different fabric colours.
  • Protects the skin against hazardous UV solar radiation (up to UPF 50 – total sun block).
Maat (m)
Shadow area (m2)


Kleur frame
Mastdiameter (mm)


Materiaal mast
Materiaal baleinen
Windweerstand (Bft)


Stof overtrek
Gewicht (kg)


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