Brasserie Chavant Grenoble

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Brasserie Chavant Grenoble - Sobrino
Country: France
City: Grenoble
Year: 2022

The elegant Brasserie Chavant in Grenoble, inspired by the Baroque era, is located in the city centre.

For the terrace of this gourmet restaurant, they chose two 3x2m Sobrino parasols, finished in black and equipped with LED lighting.


Sobrino Parasol

This windproof, telescopic parasol offers you the following benefits: The Sobrino is a super-light telescopic parasol: dimensions up to 3.5 x 3.5m square or Ø4m round. Light but strong. Ideal for terraces where the parasols have to be taken in and out every day. The Sobrino parasol opens and closes …

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