Parrillan – Borough Yards

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Parrillan, restaurant in London - MacSymo parasols
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Year: 2022

Interior design company Superfutures approached us needing a heavy-duty parasol solution for its client, Harts Group, for a new Spanish al-fresco grill restaurant in the newly-created Borough Yards development near London Bridge.

Harts chose four 4mx4m MacSymo parasols, to create a cosy 64sqm outdoor dining area. The opportunity was taken to print the name of the restaurant on the parasols.

“Parrillan is taken from the Spanish word, ‘parrilla,’ meaning grill. Our two restaurants, Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross and Borough Yards in London Bridge, celebrate Spanish cooking over fire.”


MacSymo Parasol

This king size parasol offers you the following benefits: The MacSymo is a real giant parasol with dimensions up to 5 x 5 m square or 4 x 4 m rectangular. This provides shade or a watertight roof for up to 25 seats, under a single parasol (1 seat per …

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