Creating Parasols for Professionals

The heavy duty parasol for residential care centres

Rest and care homes are a separate group of parasol users. There are plenty of reasons to choose a professional quality parasol.

Many residential care centres are now choosing a modern infrastructure. No boring corridors with dull living rooms, but fresh buildings that invite to an active experience. And what could be more fun than having a chat with friends on a beautiful, welcoming terrace while enjoying a cup of coffee?

Together with your parasol coach you determine your wishes and goals. He will recommend the right parasol for your residential care centre.

Ideal for residential care centres

Your residents and your employees have special and unique requirements for the parasols. They must be strong, protect the skin, not hinder wheelchairs and so on.

Many of the features and benefits of Symo Parasols are precisely designed to meet your needs:

  • Comfortable protection against harmful UV rays: thanks to a well-considered choice of fabrics, you will find a large number of parasols with a "total sun block": they stop all harmful UV rays.
  • Open passage for wheelchairs thanks to parasol bases that are completely integrated into the terrace.
  • Easy opening and closing of the parasols.
  • Carefree installation of the bases and parasols.
Telescopic parasol

Choose the right parasol


Pierre Christiaens


"There are 2 types of parasols: the right one or... the wrong one.

Your residential care centre offers a home to special residents. You pay much more attention to health, protecting the skin, easy passage for wheelchair users, simple and light operation, etc...

It is not easy to choose the right parasol. We are also talking about an investment that has to last for many seasons.

Your experienced parasol coach will listen to you and help you choose the right parasol for your residential care centre.

Make an appointment with your parasol coach without any commitment.

Your parasol coach helps you choose the right parasol

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