Strong Parasols for Professionals

Help the schoolchildren

Help protect schoolchildren and fight skin cancer

Symo Parasols supports the Foundation against Cancer in its fight against skin cancer. The number of skin cancer cases is increasing every year. However, at least 75% of skin cancers can be avoided by proper sun protection from an early age. That is why the Foundation against Cancer has launched the SunSmart Schools campaign.

The most expensive solution for our schools are parasols. Symo Parasols wants to help provide shade for our school children. Together with our customers we donate free parasols to the Sun Smart schools.

Symo Parasols is on a mission: raise
25.000€ for SunSmart School Parasols

Help protect the schoolchildren: send us an acquaintance or a friend

Symo Parasols wants to contribute to the health of our schoolchildren. You can help us with that. Send us an acquaintance or a friend who could use professional sunshades and we will give a percentage on the sales to SunSmart Schools.

Referring someone is very easy: Fill in the details of your acquaintance or friend (and also your details if you wish):

We assure you

  • that the people you send us can count on our very best service
  • and of course on the strongest professional parasols
  • that thanks to this sale we donate parasols to SunSmart Schools