Inspiration book

Inspiration book

Each terrace is different. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right parasol. In this book we take you with us on several trips.

15 terrace frustrations you can turn into profit PDF

15 terrace frustrations you can turn into PROFIT

Make the right choices and let your business flourish

Advertising parasol tips

Create the right advertising parasol

25 years of experience of Denis Potier bundled in 35 valuable parasol tips for marketeers.


Pick the right parasol (and your terrace will be packed)

25 years of experience of Pierre Christiaens bundled in 50 valuable parasol tips for the hospitality industry.

Symo Magazine

Symo Magazine

Interesting articles about parasols

Parrillan, restaurant in London - MacSymo parasols

Terrace calculator

Would you like to know how much you can earn extra thanks to the right parasol?

Couple cozy under blankets on a winter terrace

19 tips for a successful winter terrace or smoking area

This will serve as a guide as you think about all the different factors that go to make up the ideal winter terrace.


22 tips from a parasol expert for an exxxxxtra long life of your parasol

To help you enjoy your parasols for a very looong time, our parasol expert has put together 22 tips for you.


Guide to a corona-safe terrace

The guide helps you to design your terrace in such a way that everyone can come to you for a tasty snack and a delicious drink in complete peace of mind


Tribe London Canary Wharf, London - MacSymo

The 6 characteristics of an easy-to-use parasol

A parasol can sometimes be difficult to open and close. And moving them from place to place on your terrace can be a major problem. So how can you best deal with these matters?

Parrillan, Londen - MacSymo

6 handy ‘did-you-knows’ to maintain your parasols

Your terrace is the visiting card for your business. It is one of the first things that people look for. And you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

consejo sobre sombrillas: lluvia en su terraza

3 watertight tips to protect your guests from the rain

The word ‘parasol’ literally means ‘against the sun’. But a good parasol also offers protection against the rain. For a catering business, that’s very important.


6 golden tips to make your parasols earn more money

Do you regard your parasols as a cost? Or as an investment that will soon pay for itself?

consejo sobre sombrillas: daños por viento

4 unmissable tips to keep your parasol upright in the wind

Wind is your parasol’s biggest enemy.

Leaf Tea Shop & Bar, Liverpool - Quattro parasols on the front pavement

5 creative ways to pay for your parasol – or let them pay for themselves

With a new catering business, parasols are often last on your list of priorities. You have already used up your budget and have no money left to pay for parasols. That’s a pity, because good and attractive parasols will make your terrace more profitable. Learn here how you can approach this problem in a different way.


8 guidelines for choosing the right parasol colour

Liking (or disliking) a colour is something personal. Some people like white, others prefer black. The beauty of a colour is something you can’t discuss. Even so, there are useful tips you can use to help you pick the right colour for the parasols in your business.

Oeno House, Londen - Cape Wood

The 4 qualities of the best parasol fabric

Lots of people say that the fabric is the most important part of any parasol. Whether that’s true or not, it is certainly one of the key elements.

three cubes at a pool, one used as a parasol base, two as a pouf with a cushion on it

The 5 secrets for a stable parasol base

If you use parasols, you obviously need parasol bases. But they can sometimes be a real nuisance. They get in the way of your customers and your serving staff. They can make it difficult to place your tables and chairs. You can even fall over them! Here are some tips to help you on your way.