Couture Parasol

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Elegant sunshade from Paris

Well-known Paris designer Lucile Roybier designed the Couture. She learned the trick of the trade at Pierre Cardin’s fashion house. The illusion of needlework, which is typical for this parasol creation, clearly illustrates her background in the fashion design industry.

The Couture has a unique double valance in two different colours. A light breeze can easily blow the two valances, and is thus evolving a very lively and elegant atmosphere or perception.

The Couture parasol is made using contemporary laser technology for cutting difficult patterns. It would be impossible to make these motives by using traditional manufacturing processes.

  • Guaranteed wind-resistant up to 7 Beaufort
  • A range of fabric colours

Frequently chosen accessories

  • Protective sleeve
  • Coupe base
  • Luna base
  • Rondo base
  • Cube base
  • Extra weight for Rondo or Luna Base

Here you can relax under this parasol: