W Hotel Palm Dubai

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Couture parasols in a colorful playful setting at W Hotel Palm in Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
City: Dubai
Year: 2019

A new project on the Palm Islands. The choice for the Couture parasol was made by the interior designer of the restaurant, together with our local partner, Interior 360.

By placing colorful parasols, the setting of playful elements in all kinds of different colors is being highlighted.

Couture parasol: design by Lucile Roybier


Couture Parasol

Elegant sunshade from Paris Well-known Paris designer Lucile Roybier designed the Couture. She learned the trick of the trade at Pierre Cardin’s fashion house. The illusion of needlework, which is typical for this parasol creation, clearly illustrates her background in the fashion design industry. The Couture has a unique double …

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Pierre Christiaens
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