Gulliver Parasol

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Design by Davy Grosemans for Symo Parasols

  • Gulliver found himself in strange and marvellous places during his many voyages. Sometimes things seemed too large, in other places everything was too small. The Gulliverdesigner parasol might well have come from one of those places. It’s a giant umbrella, no more and no less. The use of waterproof fabrics means this unique parasol will protect from rain as well as sun on your terrace or in your garden.
  • Gigantic parasol created for Symo Parasols by Davy Grosemans.
  • A round parasol with 10 ribs, 3.0m in diameter.
  • Protects from both sun and rain.
  • Guaranteed wind-resistant up to 5 Beaufort.
  • A range of fabric colours.

Frequently chosen accessories

  • Protective sleeve.
  • Quaseo lighting.
  • Bla Bla table.
  • Coupe + Bla Bla table.
  • A range of parasol bases.

The Gulliver parasol has a central pole that is inserted into the centre of a parasol foot on the terrace.

The giant Gulliver parasol is round. The pole is made of anodised aluminium and is anchored in a steel baseplate.

This central pole parasol is easy to open manually and clicks into position automatically with the aid of springs (much the same way as a simple umbrella).

Here you can relax under this parasol: