De Lamme Goedzak

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De Lamme Goedzak, Damme - Gulliver
Country: Belgium
City: Damme
Year: 2018

“We already knew Symo, but the parasol coach gave us a broader view of the range. We wanted to place some eye-catching parasols at the front along the street. Everyone uses the classic version, but we wanted something special. Our parasols had to be striking.

The Gulliver was an absolute hit for us. The first years we had a black and white version and it already attracted a lot of people. After two years we decided to place it in the courtyard and to have the same Gulliver on the street side, but even more remarkable: in red and black. We are very happy with the choice.”


Gulliver Parasol

Design by Davy Grosemans for Symo Parasols Gulliver found himself in strange and marvellous places during his many voyages. Sometimes things seemed too large, in other places everything was too small. The Gulliverdesigner parasol might well have come from one of those places. It’s a giant umbrella, no more and no …

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