Cache Cache Parasol

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Design by Lieven Musschoot, Mathias Hennebel & Symo Parasols Creative Studio.

  • The humblest oyster may hide the most beautiful pearl. True beauty lies within. That certainly applies to the Cache-Cache parasol. It looks simple from the outside, but when you sit beneath the Cache-Cache parasol, the beauty of its lacework is revealed.
  • This eye-catching designer parasol was designed by Lieven Musschoot, Mathias Hennebel & Symo Parasols Creative Studio for Symo Parasols.
  • A range of sizes and operating systems.
  • Guaranteed wind-resistant up to 7 Beaufort, depending on the parasol type and the base fitted.
  • A range of fabric colours. Black or white lacework.

Frequently chosen accessories

  • Protective sleeve.
  • Quaseo lighting.
  • A range of parasol bases.

The round Cache-Cache terrace parasol has a central pole that is inserted into the centre of a parasol foot on the terrace.

The pole is made of brushed stainless steel and is ideally anchored in a robust steel baseplate.

The Cache-Cache parasol is very easy to open by hand. The parasol clicks into position automatically with the aid of springs (much the same way as a simple umbrella).

Here you can relax under this parasol:

  • Country: Italy

    City: Riccione

    Year: 2016