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A hotel cannot do without a nice lounge area with garden umbrella

Pierre Christiaens | Biography

A lounge is a place that is designed to unwind. Likewise, hotel owners want nothing more than to offer their guests an optimal stay.

You can arrange a nice place where guests can relax in the outdoor areas of your hotel. There are plenty of opportunities to turn these places into something beautiful.

How to create a place that feels like home under the parasols in the lounge garden?

You can decorate part of your garden or patio as a lounge area. In that case a parasol will come in handy to shelter your guests from both heavy showers or harmful UV-rays, so that they can enjoy the patio and the garden in almost all weather conditions. Zo kunnen uw gasten op uw terras of in uw tuin blijven zitten in de meeste weersomstandigheden. Choose a parasol that goes very well with the environment, thus creating an idyllic place.

Complete your lounge area with a heavy duty parasol

Guests should feel relaxed whenever they enter your lounge area. Why not install a decent radio installation so that guests can listen to relaxing lounge music. Make the holiday feeling complete with a fireplace or Brandy brasier.

Symo Parasols is happy to assist you in making the right choise of heavy duty parasol.

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