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Design by Davy Grosemans for Symo Parasols.

  • What do you get if you cross an ordinary drying rack with an artwork like Christo’s “The Gates”? The answer is the “Breezer” parasol, an innovative concept that takes the sun, wind, movement and light on your terrace and shakes them up to create a delightful parasol cocktail. Besides protecting you from the sun’s rays, the Breezer parasol also look splendid on your terrace.
  • This highly distinctive designer parasol has been created by Davy Grosemans for Symo Parasols.
  • Top international design awards: Symo is the first Belgian business to receive an IF GOLD Product Design Award.
  • A rectangular parasol with 12 ribs, 3.5 x 2.5 m.
  • The handy Breezer parasol is easy to open and close above the tables and chairs, thanks to our specially designed reverse parasol system. You’ll no longer need to disturb guests on your terrace in order to open or close the parasol. All the tables and chairs can simply stay where they are while you are operating the parasol. Guaranteed wind-resistant up to 5 Beaufort, depending on the base fitted.
  • A range of fabric colours.

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This is a large parasol with its pole in the centre. With this type of designer parasol the pole is inserted into the centre of a parasol foot on the terrace.

The unique Breezer parasol is rectangular. The pole is made of brushed stainless steel. Two base designs are available, a steel baseplate or a steel frame to contain removable concrete tiles.

The Breezer parasol is spring-assisted and very easy to open manually. The parasol clicks into position automatically with the aid of springs (much the same way as a simple umbrella). 

Here you can relax under this parasol: