Cache Cache Wood Parasol – 3 x 3m


Design by Lieven Musschoot, Mathias Hennebel & Symo Parasols Creative Studio.

  • The humblest oyster may hide the most beautiful pearl. True beauty lies within. That certainly applies to the Cache-Cache parasol. It looks simple from the outside, but when you sit beneath the Cache-Cache parasol, the beauty of its lacework is revealed.
  • The Cache Cache Wood is a contemporary wooden parasol for heavy use.
  • Extra strong with laminated and glued eucalyptus wood.
  • 10 year guarantee against discolouration of the Orchestra fabric. Even in the blazing desert sun around Dubai. Nobody offers a longer guarantee than Symo Parasols.
  • Protects from both sun and rain.
  • 110 different fabric colours. Combine with black or white lacework.
  • Protects your skin from hazardous UV solar radiation (up to UPF 50 – total sun block).
  • Easy to operate, 100% user-friendly.
  • Patented Autolift system: the parasol opens itself. See video.
  • Timber from sustainable and environmentally friendly sources: Sedex and FSC approved.
  • Guaranteed wind-resistant up to 7 Beaufort.

Frequently chosen accessories

  • Protective sleeve.
  • Removable battery or mains-powered lighting.
  • Choice of 4 different parasol bases.


Maat (m)

3 x 3

Type mast

Central pole




Private, Professional

Shadow area (m2)


Kleur frame

Natural wood

Mastdiameter (mm)


Materiaal mast

Eucalyptus wood

Aantal baleinen


Materiaal baleinen

Eucalyptus wood

Stof overtrek

Orchestra acrylique

Gewicht (kg)


View the possible models here…