Kasteel Cantecroy

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Kasteel Cantecroy, Mortsel - MacSymo and Quattro
Country: Belgium
City: Mortsel
Year: 2017

“We know Symo from the hotel and catering trade fair. A parasol coach came on site and helped us choose.

It wasn’t easy because we have a floating floor. This means that the use of bases and large parasols is not obvious.

Symo has managed to come up with the perfect equipment. The size of the MacSymo parasols allows me to have a lot of people enjoying their meal outside. The smaller Quattros are placed in an intermediate passage so that this space is also used.

The result fully meets our expectations.”


Quattro Parasol

This parasol with its handy pulley offers you the following benefits: The Quattro is a lightweight parasol for heavy use, with dimensions up to 3 x 3m square or 3 x 2m for the rectangular version. Provide shade or a watertight roof for up to 9 seats, under a single parasol …

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Pierre Christiaens
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