Manakish & Naanza

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Manakish & Naanza in London - Sobrino parasol on the terrace
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Year: 2021

This summer a new restaurant has been opened in Covent Garden (London) that’s all about two types of flatbread: manakish or naan.

“Combining the best of tradition with a modern twist, our manakish and naanza are packed with amazing flavours to create a truly irresistible meal.”

On the terrace, you can enjoy all that delicious food under a personalised Sobrino parasol.


Sobrino Parasol

This windproof, telescopic parasol offers you the following benefits: The Sobrino is a super-light telescopic parasol: dimensions up to 3.5 x 3.5m square or Ø4m round. Light but strong. Ideal for terraces where the parasols have to be taken in and out every day. The Sobrino parasol opens and closes …

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