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19 tips for a successful winter or smokers’ terrace

Pierre Christiaens | Biography
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Winter and smokers’ terraces are an important trend. As soon as it is possible, we all want to sit outside. This trend is clearly visible in cities such as Copenhagen. Although the ‘cool’ Danish capital is situated far in the north, during the winter you can find covered terraces almost everywhere you look because people just love being outside – wherever and whenever possible!

This trend is also on the increase in our own cities and you can now find winter terraces in lots of places. This evolution has been strongly encouraged by the ban on smoking in bars and restaurants. For any business that respects itself and, more importantly, its customers, it is essential to offer smokers adequate comfort: just telling them go and stand on the street without any form of shelter is simply not an option!

A good winter terrace provides protection against wind, rain and cold. But how do you make such a terrace? Where should you start? Especially for the catering industry, Symo Parasols has drawn up this checklist of 19 tips for the successful design of a winter or smokers’ terrace. We sum up all the things you need to think about when constructing your outdoor terrace.

We wish you an enjoyable and informative read. Remember that our advisors will be happy to answer any additional questions.

Read our 19 tips for a successful winter or smokers’ terrace

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