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CUBE by Jan Melis: the versatile parasol base

Pierre Christiaens | Biography
de cube parasolvoet combineert meerdere handige functies

This is the first parasol base that combines an attractive design with several useful functions.

The traditional parasol base is an eyesore that nobody wants. It is unwieldy, ugly, heavy and difficult to move. It is usually in the way and you can hurt your toe badly on it. That is why, in 2007, Jan Melis accepted Sywawa Design Parasol’s challenge to develop a parasol base that people actually want: an elegant, attractive item that is easier to move, and that does not cause you any pain. Enter the Cube.

cube parasolvoet met kussentje

Jan Melis: “At the design stage, we tried to combine several functions in one product. The Cube parasol base is a handy parasol base where you can also rest your pint or mobile phone on. Turning it upside down, you have a welcoming stool under the parasol.”

The Cube is indeed a handy piece of furniture, because where else can you leave your glasses or book when you are under the parasol? The Cube has two surfaces where you can stash all those items. When you use it as a parasol base, you can also weigh it down by pouring sand or water into it.

Normally, you need a table and parasol base between two deckchairs. The Cube is one item that meets both those requirements. This makes it much more convenient and cheaper.

More than anything, though, the Cube is attractive to look at. The designer was inspired by the shapes of objects from the 70s. When you combine several Cubes as parasol bases and stools, a sense of great visual calm is created thanks to the repetition of the shape.

The Cube parasol base comes in three colours: white, lime green and taupe. Matching cushions and parasol clips are optional.

Pierre Christiaens
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