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A warm word from our manager, Pierre Christiaens

Pierre Christiaens | Biography
Pierre Christiaens

Delen: Verspreid de boodschap, niet het virus.

A warm and heartfelt THANK YOU for your loyalty, also during this difficult year. Looking back at the film ‘2020’ I see a real thriller. With a lot of dramatic tension, a surprising and unexpected story and a lot of uncertain plot twists. But also many beautiful scenes of warm love and being together (in small circles).

The trailer for the new film ‘2021’ looks different after all. The liberating vaccine that should dispel the nightmare of ‘2020’ is ready. The first injections have been administered and there is a portion on the way for everyone who wants it. Incidentally, in Belgium we not only make great parasols – the first vaccines for the European market are also ‘Made in Belgium’.

2021 will be a year with wonderful prospects: we are really looking forward to picking up those aspects of our lives that were on break during the lockdowns. I am thinking of time with friends and family. Going on holiday carefree. Enjoying a delicious meal with celebratory drinks on the terrace of our favourite restaurant. Under a Symo parasol!

On behalf of all the employees of Symo Parasols, I wish you and your loved ones a safe and peaceful end of 2020. And a liberating 2021.

Pierre Christiaens Parasolcoach | owner & ceo.

Delen: Verspreid de boodschap, niet het virus.

Pierre Christiaens
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