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Dominique Persoone becomes a Sywawa designer

Pierre Christiaens | Biography
Parasol Chock-o-lat ontworpen door Dominique Persoone

ominique Persoone is the personification of delicious, rocking chocolate. Under the leadership of Pierre Christiaens, Sywawa has developed into a brand of hip design parasols with a high “wow” factor. When the 2 international leading lights from Bruges put their heads together, this leads to fireworks and pure rock ’n roll.

Parasol inspiration

Dominique: “A little while ago, Pierre Christiaens asked whether I would be interested in collaborating on a chocolate parasol. At first I was a little suspicious. What on earth does chocolate have to do with a parasol?. But to quote the Dalai Lama: “there’s no such thing as coincidence”. That evening my dessert was a Dame Blanche ice cream, and immediately I had a vision of the chocolate parasol I would design. As a chocolatier in heart and soul, I’m really proud of the end result. Thank you Pierre and the Sywawa team! I love people who can make dreams come true!”

A swinging delight

When Dominique Persoone and Pierre Christiaens join their efforts, the result is pure rock’n roll. A delightful swinging design that takes shape in the form of the pioneering parasol Chock-o-lat, a surprising beauty! The strenght of unbridled creativity and top quality.

Pierre Christiaens
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