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Improve your profit margins with menu engineering

Pierre Christiaens | Biography

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Ever heard of Menu Engineering?

Everyone involved in professional catering knows that some dishes generate a good margin while others bring in almost nothing. Whether it’s a sandwich bar or a five-star restaurant, some dishes are always more popular than others. So what if you had a tool allowing you to analyse your menu and improve your profit margins and sales figures?

Improve your profit margins with the Menu Engineering tool from Kitchen Cut

How does Menu Engineering work? You categorise the dishes on your menu on the basis of popularity and profitability. The program determines the popularity of each dish, based on the sales figures. Profitability is determined by the profit margin for each dish. You will be presented with a diagram showing four types of dishes, with suggestions to adapt and improve your menu for each type.

How does the Menu Engineering tool work?

The tool is exceptionally easy to use. Just three quick steps and you gain vital insights and can work on optimisation.

  1. Collect your data. Price and sales data for food and drink.
  2. Analyse the results. Study your pricing policy and the consequences for your profits.
  3. Improve your menu. Apply the suggestions provided and improve your margins.

Like to give it a try? You can download a free trial of the Kitchen Cut Menu Engineering  tool here.

Delen: Verspreid de boodschap, niet het virus.

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