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Sticks'n'sushi, Oxford - Quattro paraols on rooftop terrace
Country: United Kingdom
City: Oxford
Year: 2021

Sticks’n’Sushi was founded in 1994 by brothers Jens and Kim Rahbek and Thor Andersen. Taking inspiration from their half-Japanese, half-Danish background, they created a unique cuisine that combines two culinary traditions. This made Sticks’n’Sushi a dynamic and innovative force on the Danish gourmet scene. The concept took off with overwhelming speed and success.

Danish restaurant group Sticks n Sushi ordered our round Quattro parasols for their beautiful rooftop outdoor terrace at their restaurant in Oxford (United Kingdom).


Quattro Parasol

This parasol with its handy pulley offers you the following benefits: The Quattro is a lightweight parasol for heavy use, with dimensions up to 3 x 3m square or 3 x 2m for the rectangular version. Provide shade or a watertight roof for up to 9 seats, under a single parasol …

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