Villa Saint-Ange

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Villa Saint Ange, Aix-en-Provence - Trevo parasol
Country: France
City: Aix-en-Provence
Year: 2022

The 5 star luxury hotel Villa Saint-Ange is nestled in the heart of a beautiful provençal garden and an estate of 8,000m2. The 18th century building has been completely renovated and enlarged.

For the terrace where guests have breakfast, this exclusive hotel chose the Trevo parasol because they wanted a full coverage, without annoying parasol bases. The floor anchoring ensures the stability of the parasols and creates extra space. The integrated lighting adds a finishing touch.

On the pool side, they chose the Cape Wood with a steel base on wheels (the Luna parasol base). This way, one can easily move the parasols without damaging the floor.

voet voor Cape Wood parasol


Trevo Parasol

The Trevo professional floating parasol offers the following advantages: The Trevo leaves the space below the parasol completely free. No need to disturb guests or their tables and chairs since there is no central pole or parasol base to get in the way. The two to four parasols on one pole …

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