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9 hospitality lessons from the lockdowns

Pierre Christiaens | Biography
terrrace with MacSymo and Quattro parasols and heating

Restrictions, rules. It’s that time again. We are now talking about a semi-lockdown in Belgium. Fortunately, you’ve been through this before. You now know that this painful situation is temporary. As soon as the hospitals are under less pressure you will be able to work normally again.

How do you handle this? We learned this from the previous lockdowns:

  • Take Action

If you don’t throw in the towel, you’ll beat this period faster: stay in touch with your customers, spoil them. Your clients will reward you by continuing to visit you. During the semi-lockdown and also when you are allowed to work normally again.

  • Outside = safer

Many hospitality customers prefer to sit outside, even in winter. Because there is less risk of contamination. Your guests feel safer there.

  • More clients

The indoor restrictions reduce your capacity. Many cities and municipalities help the hospitality industry by allowing larger terraces. This allows you to receive more guests.

  • Longer terrace season

An additional help in many municipalities is that the larger terraces are allowed to remain in place throughout the winter. This allows you to serve more customers for a longer period of time.

  • Cosy winter

During the cold months you can still use your terrace in a pleasant way. Provide heating and lighting. Protect your customers from the rain and wind.

Chameleon, Londen - MacSymo
  • Party!

We know by now that after each period of corona restrictions, things open up again. And then the people come and party. Prepare yourself: take your share of the partying with you. Soon it will be very busy again.

  • Outside remains

Your guests have learned how blissful it is to sit outside. 365 days a year. Spring, summer, fall and winter. Even after this pandemic, the best terraces will continue to operate for 4 seasons. Install the best and most enjoyable 365-day terrace in your street or square. That investment will pay off for years to come.

  • Don’t wait: delivery times and prices are rising

Inflation is skyrocketing. Prices continue to rise. Who knows if your investment will come in time? Don’t wait: if you install your dream terrace sooner, you will start earning more quickly.

  • Your terrace is your business card (otherwise people will go to your neighbour)

The first thing people see is your terrace. If your terrace is in perfect condition, they will come in. Otherwise they walk to your neighbour. Turn it around: make sure the customers of your neighbour come to your business!

Pierre Christiaens
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