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If you only make one investment this year, be sure to choose your terrace!

Pierre Christiaens | Biography
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Delen: Verspreid de boodschap, niet het virus.

At last! After long months of waiting, the time has come: you can finally open your business again. Your customers will soon be back. You can enjoy that wonderful bustle in your business again.

After the first lockdown: busy, busy, busy

You may have noticed it in June when the catering industry was allowed to open again: people flocked to the catering terraces to socialize, dine and glow in the sun. Now it will be like that again. Everyone longs for it so intensely.

Your terrace is now a real asset!

Your terrace is the ideal catering spot in corona times: it’s outside, you don’t have to air it out and there is much less risk of contamination. Perfect. A catering terrace is now the strength of your business. Because soon your customers will want to sit outside, where they can safely enjoy the nice weather and your cozy business.

That is why it is important that your terrace is also corona-safe. Symo Parasols helps you with a free ‘guide to a corona-safe terrace’. The guide helps you to design your terrace in such a way that everyone can come to you for a tasty snack and a delicious drink in complete peace of mind.

An investment that pays off immediately.

Your customers will want to sit outside on your terrace (just like in June). So any investment in your terrace will have an immediate return! You may think: “Investing in my terrace now: isn’t that a waste of money?” The answer is clear and simple: no. Because everything you invest in your terrace now will yield an immediate return. Because your customers are dying to sit outside.

Therefore: if you only make one investment this year, invest in your terrace

And don’t forget: consumers prefer to go to the most beautiful terrace on the square. Not where those old, worn-out parasols are. Your terrace investment will pay off immediately. Just listen to this testimony by Jacqueline Mangelaars, a professional catering lady. Jacqueline bought parasols after the first lockdown:

“Despite the uncertainty last year about whether or not to invest in your parasols, we are very happy that we did.”

Jacqueline Mangelaars, Château Blomac, Blomac (France)

Our market research also shows that many restaurant owners invested in their terraces in June, and they are very happy with it:

  • 61% invested in their own parasols
  • 38% installed heating on the terrace
  • 76% see these investments paying off for years to come

An investment that will pay off for years to come!

But what about after the summer of 2021: won’t that investment be lost? Absolutely not. In our market survey, 76% of your colleagues told us that they see their terrace investment paying off for years to come.

Here are some additional results from our recent market research:

  • Optimizing my terrace is good for the short and long term
  • 76% see a return on investment in the long term, as a trade-off for the future

If you do it right, your investment will pay off for many years to come. When we start to forget this epidemic, your terrace will still pay off.

A 365-day terrace for every season

What makes a professional restaurant terrace suitable for all four seasons, including autumn and winter?

  • Protects from sun and rain
  • Protects from the wind
  • Provides additional warmth
  • Lighting for dark days, evenings and nights
  • Strong, wind-resistant parasols

You probably still have some questions? We have the answers. Ask for a free consultation with a parasol coach here. It’s free and there’s no obligation.

Delen: Verspreid de boodschap, niet het virus.

Pierre Christiaens
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