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Pierre Christiaens | Biography
a dirty parasol next to a cleaned parasol

The terrace of a café, hotel or restaurant is the first thing passers-by will notice, it’s the showpiece. So the old saying really applies to your terrace: you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Just think how it makes you feel if you wander past an untidy terrace with dirty, worn-out parasols. If the terrace looks uncared-for, that doesn’t inspire confidence in the rest of the business. People will be quick to decide that what comes out of the kitchen won’t be up to much either.

This is the perfect time to give your parasols a thorough going-over. Then you’ll be sure that your terrace is in tip-top condition when the warmer spring weather tempts people outdoors again.

Proper professional parasols can stand up to the daily wear and tear. But if they have got a bit dirty, just follow the cleaning instructions provided to make them as good as new. Want to keep your parasols in perfect shape right through the year? It’s a good idea to close them at night and use the protective sleeves. The parasol won’t get dirty if it’s closed, and the fabric will last at least twice as long.

Not sure how to keep your parasols looking their best? Just download our handy parasol maintenance checklist:

But perhaps your parasols really need a deep clean? As a top-class manufacturer we offer a Winter Service arrangement, collecting your parasols, giving them a thorough clean and returning them to you ready for the new season.

Pierre Christiaens
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